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Datapanik In The Year Zero

Pere Ubu


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Excellent condition box, CDs look unplayed. Original 1996 US release. The box set compiles the original Datapanik In The Year Zero EP, the first five albums The Modern Dance / Dub Housing / New Picnic Time / The Art Of Walking / Song Of The Bailing Man along with a disc of live material (CD4) and another of related rarities and previously unreleased pre-Ubu material (5-03, 5-09, 5-11, 5-13, 5-15 to 5-17) (CD5). It omits 'Use Of A Dog' from Song Of The Bailing Man, 'Humor Me', 'Not Happy' and 'Lonesome Cowboy Dave' from Terminal Tower and the vocal version of "Arabia" from The Art Of Walking. With 38 pp. booklet.