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Renegade - The Lives and Tales of Mark E. Smith

Mark E. Smith


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[paperback, 256 pp, 13 x 20 cm.

"“Still going after thirty years, The Fall are one of the most distinctive British bands, their music – odd,spare, cranky and repetitious – an acknowledged influence on The Smiths, The Happy Mondays, Nirvana and Franz Ferdinand. And Mark E. Smith IS The Fall – 47 members have come and gone over the years yet he remains its charismatic leader, a professional outsider and all-round enemy of compromise, a true enigma. There have been a number of biographies of the legendary Smith, but this is the first time he has opened up in a full autobiography. For the first time we get to hear his full, candid take on the ups and downs of a band as notorious for its in-house fighting as for its great music; and on a life that has endured prison in America, drugs, bankruptcy, divorce, and the often bleak results of a legendary thirst."