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Dreaming in Yellow: The story of the DIY Sound System

Harry Harrison

Velocity Press

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Paperback, 260 pp, 13 x 19.8 cm

"Emerging from Nottingham in the summer of 1989, the DiY Collective were one of the first house sound systems in the UK. Merging the anarchic lineage of the free festival scene, the cultural and political anger of bands like Crass with the new, irresistible electronic pulse of acid house, they bridged the idealistic void left by the moral implosion of the commercial rave scene. From Castlemorton to the Cafe del Mar, the DiY sound and DJs became internationally renowned and beneath their banners of liberty, collectivism and untrammelled hedonism achieved an underground cult status that endures to this day. Dreaming in Yellow is an attempt to distil the story of DiY s tumultuous existence and the remarkably eclectic, outrageous and occasionalsly deranged story of them doing it themselves."