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Blind Area

Hans Van Eck

Dead Mind

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"Blind Area" saiu em cassete em 1987 já em forma de compilação de trabalhos dispersos de Hans Van Eck. Na mesma cidade holandesa dos míticos De Fabriek (Zwolle) e com trabalho iniciado sensivelmente na mesma época (1976-77), Van Eck parece retirar inspiração do mesmo ambiente austero para ilustrar música genericamente ambiental, de ressonância metálica e desolada como um passeio exploratório num planeta gelado. Algumas faixas da edição original são complementadas com material mais recente, igualmente intenso na vasta solidão que evoca. Se o propósito é imersão na música, isso exige um certo aquecimento mental para enfrentar a jornada. Edição limitada a 250 exemplares.

"Hans van Eck started composing music in 1976 and was trained in electronic music at the Institute of Sonology by Jaap Vink, Frits Weiland and Gottfried-Michael Koenig. He studied Musicology at the University of Amsterdam and received lessons in composition by Daan Manneke. His works are performed all over Europe by his own Schreck Ensemble and others. The Blind Area cassette, released in 1987 by Decay International, compiles several of his early electronic compositions. They serve as an evocation of the blind areas of our minds where only fantasy, intuition and imagination can guide us. Music as a means to illuminate the hidden parts of our soul to discover the mythical world behind everyday life. For this reissue, 3 central pieces of the original tape are complemented by 2 more recent compositions of somber timbres. Industrial undertones, open spaces and slow waves of pure, refined sound are the key ingredients, but Van Eck adds a subtle, narrative structure for a hypnotic, haunting and elegant experience. A self-contained world with echoes of predecessors like Jean-Claude Risset or Guy Reibel. Limited to 250 copies." (Label PR)