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Electronic Sound Issue 101 (British Electric Foundation)

Electronic Sound

Electronic Sound

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We have British Electric Foundation on the front of this month's Electronic Sound and an exclusive blue vinyl seven-inch boasting two previously unreleased Martyn Ware tracks to accompany the issue. This month's other lead interviews include Sparks, Penelope Trappes, Anne Clark, Nick Rhodes, Nathan Fake, Gilroy Mere, Trees Speak and Richard Anthony Hewson, the man who gave his initials to The RAH Band. We also have a lengthy piece about Ryuichi Sakamoto, whose death was announced a few weeks ago. Given his broad catalogue of groundbreaking and enriching work over a 45-year career – with Yellow Magic Orchestra, as a solo artist, and as a frequent collaborator – Sakamoto's influence can't be overstated. The electronic world already feels like a poorer place without him. To accompany the issue we have an exclusive blue vinyl seven-inch from Martyn Ware. Neither of the two tracks on the record has ever been made commercially available before now. The A-side is 'Unknowable', a sumptuous soundscape packed with shards of twinkling melodies and propelled by effortlessly chilled beats. Turn the disc over for 'I Am An Insect', another captivating instrumental, this one vibrating with the sound of hundreds of little beasties buzzing around and beetling about. Both pieces were originally created by Illustrious, Martyn's 3D sound company, and together they add up to what we think is one of the best records we've ever released.