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Electronic Sound Issue 100 (A User´s Guide To The Future)

Electronic Sound

Electronic Sound

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Get the balloons up! It’s the 100th issue of Electronic Sound this month and we’re heading into THE FUTURE with a special themed edition of the magazine. We are also bundling the issue with ‘FUTURISM’, a superb double CD featuring 23 tracks, 10 of them previously unreleased. We’ve invited many of the leading lights of electronic music to help us explore and examine the possible futures that lie ahead of us. John Foxx, Jeff Mills, Gazelle Twin, Miss Grit, Martyn Ware, J Willgoose Esq and Chris Watson all appear on a panel of artists offering their thoughts on what the world will be like at the end of the 21st century and wondering whether we’ll still be here in the year 3000. Kraftwerk lyricist and sleeve artist Emil Schult meanwhile discusses updating the human consciousness and Thomas Dolby reflects on the appliance of science in sound. Elsewhere in the issue, we talk to futurist Aleks Krotoski, the presenter of Radio 4’s ‘The Digital Human’, and choose 100 Tracks About The Future, starting in 1966 and ending last month. Expect some surprises as well as lots of your favourite artists. We also look at some of the weird stuff coming our way during the next few years – from Flying Cars to Dark Factories to Astrochickens. Oh, and as an extra little twist, many of the visuals in this month’s magazine have been generated by artificial intelligence, including our mighty fine cover image. Let’s hear it for the machines! We’ve put together a spectacular double CD to accompany Electronic Sound 100, with 23 tracks inspired by visions of the future, from cyber worlds and life on other planets to AI excursions and madcap B-movies.