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An Abandoned Laboratory Vol. III

Edward Ka-Spel


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"Third in a series exposing "stray" and unheard pieces from the EK vault.Included in this collection is "Amber" now revisited / remastered ,hailing from the hyper rare "handmade " vinyl edition of "Trapped in Amber" and a previously unreleased version of "Empires Must Burn" which appears on a collaborative album with Philip Petit and Asva. Ka-Spel's songwriting has been compared to that of Syd Barrett and early Pink Floyd, though the artist describes the comparison as being a coincidence, not a direct influence. Ka-Spel has cited Iannis Xenakis, The Beatles, Nurse With Wound, David Bowie, Brainticket, Can, The Residents, Magma, and Throbbing Gristle as significant influences. An Abandoned Laboratory Volume 3 was originally released as a download and limited edition CDR on Bandcamp and is presented on CD here for the first time." (Label PR)