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1999: the Year The Record Industry Lost Control

Eamonn Forde

Omnibus Press

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hard cover, 576 pp, 16 x 23 cm.

"'It was supposed to be just another bumper year for the record business. The industry was firing on all cylinders and growing exponentially; CD was king and bringing in phenomenal sums of money. The good times, culturally and financially, were rolling. Yet by December 1999, at the dawn of the new millennium, a bomb had been set squarely under the core business – the arrival of digital as we know it today. The story of 1999 is one of control: who had it, who lost it and who wanted more. It was a year of chaos for an industry that had shaped the 20th century, had grown complacent and was quickly having to adapt to a very different and an infinitely less certain future. It was one of the most pivotal, lucrative, exciting and turbulent years the record business has ever experienced. And this is how it happened. Eamonn Forde rakes through the rubble to tell us what happened, how it happened and how it is still affecting us today."