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Camerata Elettronica


Ama Romanta / Holuzam

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Original copies from 1988 in a repackaged sleeve.

Originally released on the cult Portuguese label Ama Romanta in 1988, “Camerata Elettronica” finds Telectu (Jorge Lima Barreto and Vitor Rua) approaching jazz with their unique view. It’s not like they haven’t tried in previous records, but in “Camerata Elettronica” they played with a deliberate sense of humour, trying to mimic the rule book in order to gain entry into the “serious” live jazz circuit. The result is emblematic, it sounds like Telectu – the minimal and repetitive melody sense is there – with a soft approach to jazz languages that were current to pop and rock music of the time. Add to the mix the fact that they were listening to a lot of musique concrete (Bernard Parmegiani, Pierre Henry, Pierre Schaeffer) and you have a record that widely opens the frontiers between jazz, experimental and pop.
When we were preparing our first release (Telectu’s 1983 “Belzebu”), Vitor Rua found a bunch of copies of “Camerata Elettronica” without the original box or insert. So this is not a reissue, but a repackaging of the original pressing. Márcio Matos reimagined the original cover by António Palolo and re-styled the original essay included in the 1988 edition. Cover and inlay are printed in risograph. Everything comes packaged in a stamped industrial mailer of the same model as the original, but now consciously minimalist. Limited to 40 copies.
Please note: THIS IS NOT A REISSUE OR A REMASTER. You are buying original vinyl copies from 1988. Each record was listened to and cleaned individually. Some of them have natural imperfections caused by time and storage, but nothing major, just occasional clicks and pops that we think everyone accustomed to record hunting will find acceptable. Under this assumption, no returns accepted. Profit from sales shall naturally be shared with Vitor Rua, sole surviving member of Telectu.