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Infra (1978-79)

Roland Kayn

Reiger Records Reeks

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"One of the titanic cybernetic works Kayn originally released on the Colosseum label in the late 70s and early 80s, ‘Infra’ (1978-79) has come to occupy a very special place in the hearts of fans lucky enough to have copies of the original vinyl box sets. Now lovingly remastered from the original archive masters by Kayn devotee Jim O’Rourke, ‘Infra’ has finally found its way to CD for a new generation of admirers to discover. For the newcomer, it should be mentioned that Kayn’s electronic music exists in a category all its own, bearing precious little resemblance to that of any of his composer peers. His work perhaps sits more naturally in today’s non-idiomatic landscape of drones, field recordings, and modular synthesis, yet arrives accompanied by a poise and near-epic suggestion of natural phenomena simply found nowhere else. Stretching forwards across four decades to suggest new possibilities even now, ‘Infra’ represents a musical world ripe for rediscovery." (label PR)