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Khamu (She Sleep Walks)

C Cat Trance


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"Khamu" (1984) segue perto do álbum homónimo (1983), avança um dos grandes hits da banda, "(Screaming) To Be With You", e começa seriamente a afastar-se de uma Inglaterra cinzenta para solidificar esse som global europeu que outras editoras no Continente (a Crammed ou Les Disques Du Crépuscule, por exemplo) mostravam também. A performance vocal é cada vez mais arábica mas, em contraponto, numa mesma faixa como "Shake The Mind" (extra no CD, foi single em 1986), convivem percussão e tom vocal orientais com batida e coros que evocam Shriekback e a tradição "white funk" britânica.

"Second installment in a reissue programme for this excellent UK band. C Cat Trance were formed by multi instrumentalist John Rees Lewis after his departure from Medium Medium, taking the band's drummer Nigel Kingston Stone with him. The band are seen as members of the post-punk movement, but that's not all that is to say about their sound. C Cat Trance incorporated ethnic music into their compositions before world music became a popular genre. Their influences come mainly from Northern Africa and the Middle East. A lot of people have played with the band, creating a unique mix of pop, new wave, club and world music. Khamu (She Sleep Walks) was released on Ink Records in 1985 as a vinyl LP with 8 tracks, followed the next year by the "Shake The Mind" 12" single." (Label PR)
1. Puritaines 2. Barefoot Doctor 3. The New Hassan 4. (Screaming) To Be With You 5. Rattling Ghosts 6. The Old Man 7. Simple Helen 8. Miss Manners 9. Shake The Mind.