FLUR 2001 > 2024

Série de mixtapes diárias iniciadas com o segundo confinamento em 15 de Janeiro de 2021. Música disponível na (ou a chegar à) Flur. Novidades e futuras novidades, destaques a artistas e editoras ou simplesmente música que apetece partilhar nesse dia, do mesmo modo que escolhemos os discos que se ouvem na loja física.

A series of daily mixtapes initiated when the second lockdown was declared in Portugal (January 15, 2021). Music available or soon to be available at Flur. News and future news, artist or label highlights or simply music we feeel like sharing on a given day, just as we choose the music that plays in the physical store.


Solange - Don't You Wait ("A Seat At The Table", Columbia)
Beautify Junkyards - Reverie ("Cosmorama", Ghost Box)
White Noise - Your Hidden Dreams ("An Electric Storm", Island)
Photonz - Celestial Palace ("Nuit", Dark Entries)
Jackie Lynn - Diamond Glue ("Jacqueline", Drag City)
Roupe - Sula Bassana ("Strom", Input Neuron Musique)
Reese - Just Another Chance ("Retro Techno / Detroit Definitive - Emotions Electric", Network)
Lord Tusk - Shyne Eyed Gal ("Communiqué EP", Music Inspires Change)
Juan Atkins - Dimensions ("Dimensions", Lifes Good)
Tiago Sousa - Being Towards Death (“Angst”, Discrepant)

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