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V/A Please: Fiction Inspired by the Smiths – edited by Peter Wild LIVRO

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paperback, 288 páginas, 13 x 20 cm.


“The quirky English rock band the Smiths was among the most literary of bands. “There’s more to life than books, you know, but not much more,” lead singer Morrissey once sang. The 24 contributors herein aren’t household names. A few hail from Morrissey’s Manchester, the others from the U.S., Canada, Scotland, Wales, and other parts of England. As editor Wild notes, the Smiths seemed a bit of a secret even when they became popular, for “the argot of the Smiths was the articulation of your every inadequacy.” They seemed to know what their fans thought and expressed it in their songs. The collection reflects that perception. The stories aren’t about the band, though sometimes band members figure in them; for instance, Chris Killen’s “Stretch Out and Wait” is about an imagined visit to Morrissey’s grave (the singer’s actually still alive). Most of the authors try to evoke “an overall Smithsian mood (fatalistic miserablism meets intense yearning),” as Rhonda Carrier puts it, in stories full of resignation, despair, and dark humor. A must for Smiths fans.” — June Sawyers

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