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V/A Running Back presents Front 2CD (mixed) Running Back

€ 12,50 (preço de pré-encomenda) 2CD (mixed) Running Back



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CD1 – mixed by Klaus Stockhausen
Blue Moderne – “Through The Night” (dub mix 1)
Connie – “Funky Little Beat”
Skyy – “Show Me The Way”
KC Flightt – “Let’s Get Jazzy” (Dope dub mix)
Modern Romance – “Can You Move” (Midnight mix)
Nitro Deluxe – “This Brutal House”
Shirley Lites – “Heat You Up (Melt You Down)”
Mark Imperial – “J’Adore Danser” (club mix)
Mario Reyes – “Whatever Turns You On” (club mix)
Wired – “To The Beat Of The Drum” (On The Burn mix)
Toyin Agbetu Presents Nemesis – “After The Storm” (Boris Dlugosch edit)
John Beltran – “Aquatic”
The Wizard & The Prince – “The Wiz Is A Genius”
Val Young – “If You Should Ever Be Lonely” (Street mix)
Syncbeat – “Music” (Boris Dlugosch edit)
CT Satin – “I Found A Friend” (Underworld version)
Temper – “No Favors” (dub)

CD2 – mixed by Boris Dlugosch
Udytu Utzelturk & His Male Harem – “Kairo”
Answering Service – “Call Me Mr Telephone” (Street dub mix)
Simphonia – “You & Me” (dub)
Sandee – “Notice Me” (Notice The House mix)
The 28th St Crew – “I Need A Rhythm” (vocal club mix)
Solution – “Feels So Right”
Housefactors – “Play It Loud”
Fortran 5 – “Heart On The Line” (Voodoo Child mix)
Ralphie Rosario – “An Instrumental Need (Club Need)”
Mood II Swing – “I Need Your Love” (Lem Church mix)
Nick Holder – “Frantic”
Dee Dee Brave – “Can’t Get Over It”
DOG – “The Key” (Lunar dub)
The Prince & The Wizard – “The Music Is Kicking”
Fila Brazilia – “Mermaids”
Station Q – “That Special Melody” (club mix)
Jump Cutz – “Deep Introspection”
Hot Streak – “Body Work” (vocal mix)
Steve Arrington – “Dancin In The Key Of Life” (Special remix)
Execution – “Celebrate Your Love” (vocal)

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