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WIRE Chairs Missing CD / 3CD + LIVRO / LP Pink Flag

€ 11,50 (preço pré-encomenda) CD (2018 reissue) Pink Flag

€ 24,50 (preço pré-encomenda) 3CD + LIVRO (2018 reissue) Pink Flag

€ 17,50 (preço pré-encomenda) LP (2018 reissue) Pink Flag



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CD disc 1
Practice Makes Perfect French Film Blurred Another The Letter Men 2nd Marooned Sand In My Joints Being Sucked In Again Heartbeat Mercy Outdoor Miner I Am The Fly I Feel Mysterious Today From The Nursery Used To Too Late

CD disc 2 (singles, B-sides and studio recordings)
I Am The Fly (single version) Dot Dash Options R Outdoor Miner (single version) Practice Makes Perfect (single version) Underwater Experiences (Advision version)

CD disc 3 (studio demos)
Fourth demo sessions
Practice Makes Perfect Oh No Not So Culture Vultures It’s The Motive Love Ain’t Polite French Film Blurred (version 1) 07 Sand In My Joints Too Late I Am The Fly Heartbeat Underwater Experiences Stalemate I Feel Mysterious Today
Fifth demo sessions
Dot Dash French Film Blurred (version 2) Options R Finistaire (Mercy) Marooned From The Nursery Indirect Enquiries (version 1) Outdoor Miner Chairs Missing (Used To) Being Sucked In Again Men 2nd Another The Letter No Romans

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