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WIRE 154 CD / 3CD + LIVRO / LP Pink Flag

€ 11,50 (preço pré-encomenda) CD (2018 reissue) Pink Flag

€ 24,50 (preço pré-encomenda) 3CD + LIVRO (2018 reissue) Pink Flag

€ 17,50 (preço pré-encomenda) LP (2018 reissue) Pink Flag



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CD disc 1
I Should Have Known Better Two People In A Room The 15th The Other Window Single K.O. A Touching Display On Returning A Mutual Friend Blessed State Once Is Enough Map Ref. 41°N 93°W Indirect Enquiries 40 Versions

CD disc 2 (singles, B-sides and studio recordings)
A Question Of Degree (single) Former Airline (single) Go Ahead (single) Our Swimmer (single) Midnight Bahnhof Cafe (single) Our Swimmer [2nd Length] (single) Catapult 30 (single) Song 1 (154 EP) Get Down 1 + 2 (154 EP) Let’s Panic Later (154 EP) Small Electric Piece (154 EP)

CD disc 3 (studio demos)
Sixth Demo sessions
40 Versions Ignorance No Plea (I Should Have Known Better) Blessed State A Touching Display The 15th A Mutual Friend Once Is Enough The Other Window Stepping Off Too Quick Indirect Enquiries v2 Map Ref. 41°N 93°W Single K.O. On Returning A Question Of Degree Former Airline Two People In A Room

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